ACEPHA G7000 7.1 Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset


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  • 7.1 CHANNEL SURROUND SOUND: Take your gaming to new heights with these entrancing over ear headphones,enjoy an immersive experience,closed cap design for superior noise isolation, and glowing blue LED lights, these PC gaming headphones are the perfect complement to your virtual adventures.

  • ALL DAY COMFORT: Experience the most comfortable gaming computer headphones with mic. The soft padded headband can be adjusted to fit any head, the leather material prevents irritation, and the ear pads comfortably fit over the ear to make these the best gaming headphones for those with glasses.

  • UNMATCHED MIC CLARITY: No more repeating yourself when in the middle of that heated game. We’ve fitted our surround sound PC gaming headset with a rotating omnidirectional mic that captures every word and keeps static at bay for a seamless gaming session.

  • CONTROLS MADE SIMPLE: The multi-function controller on these USB headphones with mic gives you total control from one convenient location. Now you can adjust the volume, tweak the vibration, control the LEDs, and even mute the microphone with total ease.

  • EXTRA LONG CABLE: You’ll love the 7 foot USB cable of our computer microphone headset that comes with a Velcro tie to prevent tangling. This PC gaming headset is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8. 8.1 & 10 and comes shipped with a CD driver for hassle-free use.

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Immerse Yourself

Whether it’s the cock of a gun, shift of a gear, or the frantic shrieks of your mate telling you to throw that grenade already, the Acepha PC gaming headset allows you to hear it all in amazing 7.1 virtual surround sound. And with minimal sound leakage too! We’ve designed our over ear headphones with a closed cap design to make for impressive noise isolation. Throw in the anti-static omnidirectional mic and you end up with gaming headphones that give you the performance of headsets three times its price.

Aesthetics Meet Comfort

No more dealing with bulky game headphones that sacrifice comfort for gaudy styling. We’ve managed to make these computer gaming headphones a compliment magnet without compromising on fit. You’ll love the adjustable headband, cushy removable ear pads, and non-irritating leatherette material. Guy or gal, this is the best headset to sail you through those intense gaming marathons without ever having to pause the action for a bit of adjustment.

Here’s what sets these headphones for gaming above the rest:
  • 6-button multifunctional controller makes operation a breeze.

  • Fitted with cool blue LEDs that can be easily turned off.

  • Compatible with PC and comes with drivers.

  • Extra-long 7 foot USB cable allows for unrestricted movement.

  • High-quality microphone makes for static-free collaboration with your team.

  • Over the ear design makes it ideal for spectacle wearers.

21 reviews for ACEPHA G7000 7.1 Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset

  1. Samuel G

    Amazing headset. Couldn’t be happier with the audio quality or bass response. Comes with driver software to make it even better. Wish it had the ability to be taken apart to be serviced.

  2. Chuck Berridge

    These are exactly what I was looking for and at a reasonable price.

  3. linda smithwrigh

  4. Jeremy Lyons

    ***UPDATED REVIEW***The seller was quick to respond to my negative experience, and sent me a new pair within a few days. Great service, and the new set is what I was expecting, so I will change my rating to reflect these new ones, as I feel what happened to me is an anomaly.First, this is indeed the Acepha G7000 model headset. this is not mentioned in the title of the listing, but you can barely make out the model in the product photo.The headphones work PC with no drivers necessary to install. However, you will only get stereo sound in this manner. To get the (simulated) 7.1 surround wound, you need to install the drivers that come the disc in the box, or download from the Acepha site.The headphones DO WORK WITH PS4 for both the speakers and the microphone. However, since you can not install the drivers a PS4, you will only get stereo sound. To enable PS4, plug them in to the USB port, then go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > then change your Input and Output Devices to the “USB Headset,” assuming you want to use these for both sound and communications with the mic.As for sound, the mic is very sensitive, and will pick up ambient sounds within a few feet of you. There does seem to be some noise cancelling tech at work though since even though I can hear some ambient sounds in my ears as I’m recording or streaming, the same “echo” can not be heard the final product.The earphone themselves are a bit hefty, but still comfortable for short to mid ranged sessions. There isn’t much depth to the earpiece padding, so if your ears stick out more than most people, they will likely rub up against the speaker netting inside. The overall sound is good, though keep in mind there isn’t a lot of bass. This is compensated for with two different “vibration” mode settings that simulate the boom you feel with true deep bass sounds.The cord is braided, and the USB plug feels solid. The in-line controls are what you want, with the ability to adjust volume, mute mic, mute headphones, and even turn off all lights. When muted, there is a light that glows as well to give you a visual confirmatithat no one can hear you. The vibratisettings (High, Low, Off) are also the in-line controls.The PC software is identical to the Sades software, so if you have issues using the Acepha ones, those are fine, they just have a different logo in the upper-right corner. They both allow several features that you will likely never need, but there are some cool toys like voice modulatithat let you sound super deep or high. Be sure to right-click the speaker or microphone icin the left of the app to see all of the options for each.Overall, this is a great headset for gaming PC/PS4, assuming you aren’t a serious audiophile. If you need perfect 7.1 surround, then these are not for you. If you want 85% of the features and sound quality at 10% of the cost of the premium headsets, then this is a great buy.**Old review follows***Headphones were listed ss New but were definitelt used/repackaged. Shipping box/bag was fine, but product box was crushed and tab that secures lid was ripped as if someone tore into it. Headphones were not wrapped in any kind of plastic, cord was loosely braided together, earpads have minor scuff marks, and the headphones and box have an odor, like they were left in a damp place for an extended period of time, or in an unclean house with a smoker/pets.Headphones seem to work well, but the smell is noticeable when wearing them. Will give them a few days to “air out” and see if that helps. Drivers the Acepha site has a link to this model (GS7000) but actual drivers in linked file are for the GS8000. Not sure if this is an error or not. Seem to be compatible with the drivers fpr the most recent Sades headphones I have.

  5. Dino

    These headphones are awesome, they certainly make you feel like you’re in the game.

  6. besucher98

    I bought this as a gift so I don’t have firsthand knowledge but the feedback from the recipient was all positive.

  7. Shelia jJamison

    Love them! No outside noise. Lights are awesome! Headset fits perfectly. Best I’ve ever had so far.

  8. Heather Costello

    Great product for the price, fit is pretty comfortable. I don’t know if I would label them as “noise-cancelling”, but they DO block out most background noise. As I stated, very good headset for the price!

  9. Steph

    Great looking headset. Quite bright with all the led lights on. Its a lot bigger than I had expected. It’s also got a good weight . the actual ear piece is quite large for those who like a nice over the ear fit. Audio?to c and voice quality works like a charm. .

  10. Jacob Jorgenson

    I enjoy the overall experience you get with this headset.PROS-Deep bassCool vibrating earcup featureLED’s are brightIn-line controls easy to useCONS-Earcups not comfortable for long periods of timeMicrophone LED can be very distracting when it is turned onHeadband is hard to adjust/ falls off my headSUGGESTIONS-Make earcups more puffy so the space in between the speaker and the tip of the ear is increasedAdd RGBTake away the LED the microphoneAdd different brightness levels

  11. Gabe

    I love these headphones! I just recently built a new computer and with my 10 year old Turtle Beach headphones I was starting to run into issues so I figured it was time to update. I looked for a while and even bought another pair of headphones similar to these but they were 70$ and I couldn’t even get the software to work so I gave up. After seeing these I figured for the price I couldn’t go wrong and honestly these are some of the best headphones I have ever purchased. These headphones feel great, block out tons of noise, look great and the software that comes with them is incredible. Especially for this price you wont find another pair of headphones that works as great or comes with so many features. I would definitely buy these again.

  12. L. Campbell

    Haven’t used the mic, but these sound about as good as my 200+ dollar bose noise cancelling headphones, and are more comfortable. USB plug only, so they are pc only, otherwise amazing value. Great set.

  13. Eden

    My favorite thing about this headset is that it is very clear. The sound comes through perfectly. The cord is long but not so long that I’m tacked it. I enjoy the feel of the headset as it fits my face nicely

  14. Marshall

    I’m pretty critical of headphones and have had several pairs from Amazthat were returned because of the poor qualitybut these ACEPHA ones have to be one of the best sounding ones I have ever gotten and for the price, you just can’t beatwhat they have to offer.The software easily installs and lets you access various sound control features for Hi-Fi, music, movies and a manualselectiif you want to fool around with the equalizer. I didn’t even have to go the Control Panel and fool with my sound settings at all,which is a nice plus.The cord is also braided which is also nice and the controller for the sound settings is clearly marked with volume & microphone controlsas well as the optifor vibratiand the optito turn off the lights if that’s not your thing.I’ve worn them for several hours and they still feel very comfortable while playing WoW or listening to music. The sound though isincredible for such a low priced headset, I’d even put them up against my Sennheiser set that I use for work.The only cthat may be bad is that they are a little big and bulky, but I can overlook and get used to it. Overall this is justa great headset that I hope lasts a long time.

  15. coolcat7fl

    Boss phones! Great for gaming or just listening to movies online.

  16. Nikki J

    Exactly what I needed. Fits well and hooks up perfectly. These are a gift but I tested them first as I always do.

  17. Darlene Reese-Mannion

    I recently had to buy 2 new gaming headsets for my boys and I gave this one to my 9 yr old son. The surround sound is great and bass. The ear muffs are extremely comfortable despite me wanting him to play for long periods of time. The mic quality is great and even though they are only a floor apart, the sound is great.

  18. Stephanie M.

    My husband is a professional gamer & had a headset given to him by one of his sponsors. Well, my 9 year old swanted a head set too for when he’s his PS4 & playing with his dad. I ordered this and had my husband & stest it out. They both like it & my husband said it’s perfect for our son. We are very happy with this purchase!

  19. Kenneth Crow

    This Acepha wired gaming headset is an absolute perfect gaming experience headset. It able to cancel out any outside noise completely. They produce very crystal clear superior sound quality. It has an extra long 7 ft cable to allow for plenty of movement when gaming. It also had glowing blue LED lights to make gaming an even better experience. They are extremely comfortable to wear. The headband is softly padded and easily adjusted to fit your needs. Earphones are very soft and comfortable as well. It has a great rotating omnidirectional mic that captures every word w/o any static or outside interference. Overall a great quality gaming headset that is very comfortable to use.

  20. john paul sangalang

    This works awesome! Pretty bad ass when I’m my game. Sounds amazing. Love it!

  21. Amy A.

    Packaging is awesome. Bought this for my sfor his birthday in a few weeks! Can’t wait to give it to him. The colors are so bold and vibrant. Can’t wait to see it in action!

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